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Latest Reviews

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Tough in the saddle [large print] / Todhunter Ballard.
Author: Ballard, Todhunter.
Publisher: Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, 2020.
Review by: Jo2read  on: 19/05/2023 12:17:07 PM
Member Rating:
this is a test.
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It ends with us. Book 1, It ends with us / Colleen Hoover.
Author: Hoover, Colleen.
Review by: Knight, Belinda Miss  on: 17/03/2023 2:28:43 PM
Member Rating:
4.5 stars out of 5 - loved the first half of this booked and enjoyed the book overall as well as the author's writing style.
Just a warning that the book contains content of domestic violence that isn't mentioned in the synopsis.
Cover Image
The rise and fall of the British nation : a twentieth-century history / David Edgerton.
Author: Edgerton, David,
Publisher: London : Penguin Books, 2019. -- ©2018.
Review by: Crowther, Brian Mr  on: 21/01/2023 11:43:22 AM
Member Rating:
This book is a wonderful study with superb data to back it up. It totally demystifies urban myths about modern Britain eg that Margaret Thatchers policies put Britain back on the road to greatness. Or that the UK Labour Party was totally responsible for creating the welfare state and national health service. Some of that was prepared by the Tories and the old Liberal Party of LLoyd George. That the nationalised industries were morrbound and hopeless nothing coud be farther from the truth backed with evidence given. As an ex pom leaving the UK for Sydney in 1981 I just loved this book and have bought my own copy now for reference.
Cover Image
The Australian women's weekly.
Publisher: Moorebank, N.S.W. : Bauer Group, 2019-
Review by: Sandhu, Tanveer Mrs  on: 26/07/2022 2:26:32 PM
Member Rating:
This is one of my favorite Magazine's very informative and interesting.
Cover Image
Huda and me. Book 1, Huda / H. Hayek.
Author: Hayek, Huda.
Publisher: Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2021.
Review by: Outreach Services, Childrens  on: 8/07/2022 4:39:20 PM
Member Rating:
This adventurous often funny story is told by Akeal an 11 year old Lebanese Australian boy. He and his sister Huda go on the adventure of a lifetime. They runaway from home to board a plane as 'unaccompeed minors' to find their parents in Lebanon. The relatively far-fetched plotline is made believable when a character is as smart and vibrant as 9 year old Huda. From the first page you will fall in love with Huda. She is a little charmer. Akeal's never-ending patience and brotherly love make you want to cheer him on to succeed on this adventure. A fast paced story from start to finish about sibling love and cultural diversity.
Cover Image
A glasshouse of stars / Shirley Marr.
Author: Marr, Shirley.
Publisher: [Sydney, N.S.W.] : Puffin Books, 2021.
Review by: Outreach Services, Childrens  on: 8/07/2022 4:28:12 PM
Member Rating:
Shortlisted for CBCA Book of the Year 2022 - Younger Readers.This is a heart warming story about 7 year old Meixing a young migrant girl trying to find her place in a 'New Land'. The book provides an insight into how difficult it would be to fit into a culture without knowing the language and customs or having family and friends for support. The writing style second person point of view takes a while to get used to but it allows the reader to step into Meixing's 'second hand shoes'. You are able to see the wonder of the backyard glasshouse be afraid of 'Big Scary' and feel the magic that surrounds the house. The story deals with the harsh realities of racism family relationships and death but with Meixing's hope some unexpected friendships and a little bit of magic there can only be a happy ending.
Cover Image
Burn. Book 7, Michael Bennett / James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.
Author: Patterson, James. -- Ledwidge, Michael.
Review by: Sandhu, Tanveer Mrs  on: 7/07/2022 1:19:06 PM
Member Rating:
Very interesting a must read fiction book.
Cover Image
The mist / Stephen King.
Author: King, Stephen, 1947-
Publisher: London : Hodder, 2021.
Review by: Sandhu, Tanveer Mrs  on: 7/07/2022 1:11:17 PM
Member Rating:
The Mist has you in it grip and this masterpiece of 3-D sound engineering surrounds you with horror so real that you'll be grabbing your own arm for reassurance.
Cover Image
Momo and Snap are not friends! / Airlie Anderson.
Author: Anderson, Airlie.
Review by: Sandhu, Tanveer Mrs  on: 7/07/2022 12:52:39 PM
Member Rating:
Very interesting book to read to children.
Cover Image
Home is where you make it : DIY ideas & stying secrets to create a home you love, whether you rent or own / Geneva Vanderzeil.
Author: Vanderzeil, Geneva,
Publisher: Millers Point, NSW : Murdoch Books, 2020. -- Crows Nest, NSW : Murdoch Books, an imprint of Allen & Unwin, 2020. -- ©2020.
Review by: Sandhu, Tanveer Mrs  on: 7/07/2022 12:27:26 PM
Member Rating:
Best DIY ideas to add style and individuality to your home.
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